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Finally, It All Comes Together

We have now reached the final post for this blog – the post where everything comes together and we are left with a clear picture of what distributed school leadership is and what is could look like. To recap some of the earlier posts, I work at a K-8 charter school, which operates differently than a public school. We do not have to follow the curriculum that the district schools follow, but we do participate in district and state standardized assessments. We must follow the Read Act and must provide special education services. We do not receive as much state money as public schools and unlike district schools, we need to budget for operating expenses and mortgage on our buildings and land. We do not answer to the same Board or Superintendent of Schools, but rather have a school board made up of community members and parents. We have an executive director (principal) who is retiring at the end of this year, and until very recently had an assistant principal, as well. An executive dire

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